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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wolverhampton ... Gateway to the South

Settling down to life in a yard surrounded by RVs

Here is a link for our new RV ours is the graphite version with stoney island interior!

We're quite impressed with Wolverhampton so far. Ventured into the city centre yesterday where everyone seems to be very amiable. Whilst waiting on a bench outside BHS Mr H made a new friend who offered to share his can of special brew with him :) Queued for ever for an egg sandwich and a nice 'kipper tie' in the M&S cafe but after the long wait we were not as disappointed as the couple in front of us when they found that the 'Dine in for 2 for £10' offer was not available!

Finding our way around, have discovered the local swimming pool where we have been granted a free 7-day pass and so are able to scrub our bits in relative comfort. About to go on a Slade trek to discover the birthplace of Noddy & co, he-he thanks Mike.


  1. That's a swanky RV! Let us know if you find the shrine of St Noddy of Holder, saviour of Wolverhampton and writer of that most moving of Christmas Carols 'So here is is...etc' and also that sensitive reflection of the meaning of life 'Cum on feel the noise', not to mention the iambic pentameter 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now'. Sadly, very few remember 'Knuckle sandwich Nancy' and '7 year bitch'. But, clearly, I do - what went wrong with my youth?

  2. Ahhh nice to see you're an aficianado Roger. Do you remember them as skinheads with Jimmy Lea on violin? Not found the shrine of St Noddy as yet and sadly the melbourne pub birthplace of James Whild Lea is closed but have found their 'local' the Trumpet Need to apply for a grant for further research.