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Monday, 15 August 2011

Au revoirs and moonlight manoeuvres ....

So we continue to prepare mentally and physically for our big adventure when we leave our pitch and head south to Cornwall in two weeks time. This will be the furthest we've travelled away from family and friends so I'll feel we've actually started, a tiny bit scared but excited as well. Yesterday I found myself saying "no dramas" just like the advert to my eldest daughter as we hugged. I choked back the tears as did she and we will hug again when we visit at Christmas. So how does Mr H cope on our return to the RV at 9'ish on a clear moonlight night? No deep and meaningful exploration of emotions here just the construction of a gazebo with perfect angles and optimal guy-rope tension to boot. We light the candles and sit under the canopy to admire his handiwork when we are visited by a charming couple from Newcastle returning from the pub who were very keen to hear of our plans and suggested a couple places to stay in France. However we can't remember either of these so if by chance they remember our blog address can they please remind us? :)

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