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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hola from Spain

We're going to near Benidorm. The English version of the web-site was unavailable so Mr H had to complete the booking by translating each section.

Thursday was a bit of a nightmare. Mr H has developed a gammy leg, we were late setting off and we took a wrong turning which delayed us even further. Eventually reached the toll roads and headed South towards Toulouse (NB the toll booths here are exceptionally tight!!). From Toulouse onwards the rain was torrential and horizontal, as darkness fell I retreated to the rear and left Mr H to it until we made it through to Perpignan (rain, dark and RV headlights are not a good combination). We managed to find an Aire for the night at Collieure and took a well-earned rest.

By Friday the weather had improved so we made an early start and travelled across the border into Spain, breathing in whilst looking down into deep ravines (Ice Road Trucker style). Followed the main Toll roads down the Mediterranean Coast which were busy due to it being a holiday weekend and allowing an hours break for lunch we had a relatively trouble-free journey down to Benidorm. Once there we entertained ourselves by driving up and down the main road for an hour or so looking for the camp site!

We eventually found it and negotiated camp reception protocols before heading for our pitch in the dark. This was were things picked up considerably thanks to a cheerful welcoming committee of fellow Brits who guided Mr H and our bus seamlessly onto our pitch. Nothing was too much trouble, fresh tea and sympathy was very therapeutic after the trauma of zero visibility and two scratched wing mirrors at the tolls! We were made to feel at home immediately and were able to settle in for the night. Mr H's gammy leg persists so a rest and recovery day was in order as the weather was wet although very warm.

Brilliant sunshine now and Mr H has been inducted into the 'Brotherhood of Almafra', a secret masonic order dedicated to eating out, f**king about in lockers and supporting the local economy through extensive shopping in a local chinese euro shop and the purchase of dodgy club watches;

bartering the price down from an extortionate 5 euros to 3! I have laughed till I choked at Mr H and the brotherhood's childish antics, they are like ten-year-olds let out to play.

Halloween here is a public holiday and a big festival so we have been invaded by fellow spanish campers in full costumes trick or treating. The language barrier was no problem for the children as they called upon us wearing some very elaborate costumes and make-up. Luckily we had stocked up with sweets and lollipops for all. We have settled into no particular routine here and have had the luxury of being chauffeur-driven by a fellow club member in his stunningly beautiful, one-off, mother of a Harley Davidson V10 truck

to the local supermarket and restaurants. We compare notes on how to find the freshest fruit, veg and bread and cheapest alcohol whilst planning a strategy to deter the bike-riding children from spoiling our community water feature (corner puddle!!!)  

Sorting out our TV reception and accessing the internet has involved endless cable exchanges, trips to the euro shop and committee meetings but the lads seem happy with this for some reason - it's a man thing. Mr H is once again fully mobile so we intend to explore the old town in Benidorm further as our club visit for a full Sunday dinner highlighted how lovely this area is.    

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