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Monday, 1 August 2011

A new chapter

We've gone and done it. House and possessions (at least most of them) sold! It's scary letting go of years worth of stuff, 23 pairs of shoes, endless clothes that don't fit or see the light of day and several tons of cutlery! If we don't wear it or use it, it goes. Surprising how we hang on to things that gather dust. Mr H summed it up perfectly as I became tearful in the mayhem of emptying our home of loved possessions, quote " the only thing that really matters in this house is you". So 30+ boxes given to family and the RV getting the cream of the crop, we're done. 

We are pitched on a site near York. adults only, temporary showers (although they are good) and on-site fishing. I have managed to clean the RV roof, god knows what our fellow campers thought as I climbed onto the roof in swimwear with Mr H up his stepladders, topless with hosepipe ready to spray off the foam and me! I have become more at ease in the 'suicide seat', that's the one on the right in the cabin who's role is to look right and say "clear now GO GO GO" then "NO NO NO" when the nutters wearing hats while driving come out of nowhere straight towards me. I am duty rattle adjustment coordinator and Mr H has developed a new set of habits over the past few months including repetitive locker sorting, windbreak and gazebo erection to order (subject to wind conditions) and drainage pipe adjustment.

Spending time with family and friends now before we embark on the next phase of our journey.


  1. Dear Mrs H - privileged to have been in your RV and see Mr H hard at work turning the engine on again. He must be exhausted! Roger