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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The transition to full timers continues....

I am convinced (hints of paranoia) that everyone on this site thinks we are nutters and look upon us as the odd couple to be avoided at all cost. So why do I think this, maybe it's because this morning Mr H eagerly collects his fishing gear from various lockers and vacates the RV while I clean the inside of the bus, happily shake the mats, peg out washing (yes I have a rotary washing line) and vacuum the interior while all around us chill, chat and sit watching me do my chores. Mr H and I witness the comings and goings of all manner of people who are here for a few days holiday whereas we are ensconced on our semi-permanent pitch with our windbreak and wheel covers proudly in place! I have now become accustomed to people stopping outside to stare at the RV and us eating at our dining table when they walk their dog. I can only presume it is in admiration as one such person said to Mr H this morning " It's smashing that, ai'nt it lovely" and I received a comment of "I am so jealous" as I sat outside enjoying the late evening sun. So on reflection I feel that I need to stand back occasionally, appreciate our beautiful bus and stop worrying about how we look to others. Some of the best features of our new lifestyle are about enjoying each day as it comes and embracing the culture we find ourselves in.

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