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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ablutions and day trips..........

We continue to say our farewells to family and friends but I think the time to move on is fast approaching. Why you may ask? Well, Mr H and I are starting to develop some bizarre habits and routines. Let's get this over with and talk bodily functions. Showering is best done by stealth under cover of darkness, avoiding the minor obstacles of ducks, low level shrubbery, the pond on the left and the ground works for the new shower block on the right. Like many motor home owners we have agreed our toilet is for decoration purposes only (we have discussed and agreed an emergency policy but hope never to implement this) so we use the communal facilities which are cleaned each morning by a most pleasant young chap who wears his headphones at all times and greets you with a cheery "g'day".  Timing is of the essence as there are only 2 gender-specific cubicles available for the whole site, so we try and avoid the cleaner and peak times by adopting a rigorous monitoring schedule of our fellow campers. However, this poses a significant challenge as the buggers keep leaving to be replaced by others on site every few days.

You may find this hard to believe but occasionally we need a diversion from this absorbing pastime so sometimes we don lycra leggings, fluorescent jackets and coordinating helmets to bike into town or if we feel like being tourists we take the bus and join the throng enjoying the local attractions, coffee shops and of course a pub or two. 

Within the RV, Mr H and I have slipped into a form of telepathic manoeuvring to avoid collisions and acknowledge rights of way rather like the wonderful breakfast routine of Morecambe and Wise, utilising low voltage appliances of course.

So the car goes to the dealers on Tuesday and we're on our way Thursday!!!


  1. You were better off there than at the KC stadium yesterday

  2. Listened to it on radio and I think you're right. Do they have electric hook up?