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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The case of the missing mantis

Here it is folks, evidence of our weekly multi-national cycling jaunts into uncharted territory. We join fellow campers in unco-ordinated, fluorescent cycling gear to explore local villages and places of interest. At the last count it was thirty plus like-minded campers and Molly (a perky Yorkshire Terrier) who is expert at avoiding the wheels of our bikes and the many guard dogs along the way. Our weekly expedition is advertised in the site activity sheet as "I biki bike" (will never understand that one) and the group is led by the un-fazed Mr S. He is an ex-army chappie so each outing is along well-researched, cycle-friendly routes and includes a toilet and cafe stop.  We utilise a system of hazard-warnings through the medium of mime, whistle blasts and manic hand signals. We salute you Mr S and your designated rear guard / sweeper :) 

On one jaunt Mr H snapped this town square in the small town of Cox. Only in rural Spain can you enjoy the January sunshine through perfectly manicured trees while listening to a tinkling fountain and the local church bells whilst sipping strong coffee with a gang of non-english speaking mates, bliss :))

We feel that the locals are mildly entertained by our invasions and very tolerant of our badly-parked bikes and cafe orders of twenty-something cafe con leche although we could be wrong. 

A crisis developed during the week! When drawing back the blinds one sunny morning I noticed that Posh was not in her usual observation post. Posh had taken to sitting in the tree with a view directly opposite Mr H's computing chair, she gazes at him adoringly for hours as he goes about his business. A quick search of the tree confirmed she was missing, only time and a possible ransom note would solve this mystery. We coped with our loss that day in true British style by keeping busy. To avert a potential major locker sorting episode I bravely suggested a radical rearrangement of our windbreaks and external sun lounge. Following a sharp intake of breath, extensive head scratching, random tool selection and planning with a pencil behind his ear, Mr H began the task by removing the wind break posts which by now had become welded in position. That's when he found Posh sunning herself upon a post. 

She posed happily for the camera and I'm sure she smiled when Mr H scooped her up (without safety gear) and placed her back on her favorite tree branch.

Despite the cold winds this week, Mr H has managed to land a fish at last, a small but perfectly formed common carp from a local irrigation channel, whoop whoop!  

He and big Nige refuse to give up on their endeavour to catch the big one or indeed anything that lives in water with a pulse!

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