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Sunday, 28 July 2013


We headed to Munich next as it was number two on SJ’s road trip wish list. Our choice of camp sites near to the city and transport into Munich was limited; basically we had a choice of one! The municipal site is a famous stop over for visitors to Munich and numerous beer festivals.
We experienced problems finding our assigned pitch and Mr H found himself needing to turn in the tightest spot yet. Cars, trees, lamposts, water and electricity points and the usual crowd of onlookers didn’t make the job easy but once again Mr H did what a man has to do and sweated like a bull in the process! We eventually found our allocated spot. I expected the pitches to be close together here but the distance between our RV and our neighbours was only a few centimetres more than my bra size! Yes I measured it. It didn’t matter though as we were here to enjoy the experience of Munich with SJ before he flew home. The camp site staff were very jolly and helpful, especially the till operator in the on-site supermarket, she made us giggle every visit! On our arrival the man booking us in suggested it was too hot to do anything but lay under a tree drinking beer today. Then he informed me of the ice cold beer vending machines available around the site! We had to buy tokens for each seven minute hot water shower, access to the inter-net and the washing machines. All resulting in a major review of our daily rituals and making us speed up a bit while doing them!

We settled into this new experience and adopted the sites multi-national refugee camp attitude. Ice packs for a fellow campers knee injury, banter and travel advice were shared with our immediate neighbours. This site also had the rare spectacle of surf boarders practising their skills on a weir outside the camp gates, the queue of rubber suited men, women and children never seemed to go down. We utilised the excellent public transport systems and spent several days travelling on buses, trains and the underground. Mr H and SJ researched and discussed these systems on a daily basis and always knew where we where and how to get where we wanted to be. We roamed around Munich in the sunshine on most days taking more photos than necessary and had a great time. 

We all looked forward to SJ’s planned visit to the Allianz Arena. We'd checked there was an English language tour at 1.0pm each day and set off full of expectation. We travelled by bus, train, underground and walked a fair distance in the blazing sun to be told there was no tours on a match day! Yes we'd picked the day when Bayern were playing Barcelona in some Mickey Mouse Cup! Gutted!! We attempted to buy SJ a match ticket so at least he could go into the stadium but no joy as only 25 tickets were available for the hundreds queuing to do the same thing. We spent the journey back complaining about our visit expertly avoiding the fact that match days are published on their website, oops.  


Ah well, at least Mr H got to dream about leading the Bayern faithful in a rendition of 'Can't help falling in love with you' before SJ boarded the plane home from Munich airport.

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