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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Callantsoog, Holland

Landed at Rotterdam Europort and travelled North to a site near the coast The journey to the site after the motorway was along very flat but narrow roads. Mr H in his usual no fuss style negotiated some tricky bits with SJ in the front seat as co-pilot. Music, our sat-nav, numerous on board cameras and sweeties once again made this all possible! On arrival at our pitch Mr H had to get the RV up a large kerb as half the site came out to watch and marvel at our RV. SJ was unaccustomed to the spectacle we provide at most sites and watched in amazement as we set up camp. We spent our days cycling around the excellent bike routes and visiting a local beach-front town. SJ was very keen to get his exercise by cycling so we hired him a bike. Off he went to the onsite bike hire and returned with a giant sized functional Dutch model with no gears or brakes, all it lacked was a wicker basket on the front but it made us all giggle. I wanted to equip him with stabilisers, a crash helmet, elbow and knee pads! Mr H stopped me as he is a big boy now and can manage himself very well. Now it’s a very long time since we have cohabited with a teenager so I began to adjust my approach to effective communications, a bit like horse whispering but for teenagers. I found that direct eye contact should be avoided and never approach them whilst they’re wearing headphones without visual warning or food or drink. Favoured T-shirts must be freshly laundered daily and all mobile phone activity is strictly private. SJ is a pleasure to be with and not hard work at all, he avoids the sun, eats everything but the fridge door, makes grandad and me laugh and can sleep through a missile attack! 

A visit to Amsterdam was on SJ’s wish list so he and Mr H did the manly type job of co-ordinating the bus and train journey.

Gift shopping for family was expertly executed by SJ after a whistle stop tour of the canals and the red light district followed by a chinese meal and a beer in Cafe Dam for old times sake. A great day out. 

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