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Monday, 23 July 2012

Obernai, France

Due to a poor weather forecast for up north we decided to head South and chase the sun for a while. Landed at Obernai which is near Strasbourg and stayed at On our arrival the campsite looked very good with a nice layout and well kept amenities. As we need a fairly large pitch they offered us the use of the volleyball court to park up! It was sold to us by the very nice site manager Julien as having water, electricity, waste and free salad leaves! We think they are weeds but we smiled graciously and said merci in our best French. The evening of our arrival was a live music and pizza night, result. When I enquired if they also did garlic bread the sweating and smiling baker looked me in the eye and said "garlic bread? Ahhh Peter Kay". Very funny but we didnt get any. The live music was a large band who played many funky tunes with more than a hint of reggae and rasta to accompany our al fresco meal under my rather chique candle-lit awning.  So nice to see Mr H relax again and recovering from his recent stresses laid out in his recliner under the awning with food, music and an ice cold beer.

Feeling right at home here so we decided to stay for ten days and chill out properly. We have discovered the secret of the sparkling clean amenities in the form of a very dedicated lady cleaner. Twice-daily closing for cleaning is policed in military fashion. If her signs and chains across the doorways fail to stop people braver than me from gaining access they are sent away with a stern verbal warning! I have learned to adopt the submissive approach with no direct eye contact when she wanted to close the laundry as I was filling the washing machine! The lady is dedicated to her job and deserves a medal for achieving such standards of cleanliness.  

Mr H has a definite spring in his step as the scooter is now in full working order, there are ample cycle tracks and the bus is on the level!!   

We have once again soaked up some sun and despite the odd shower have found plenty of places to see and explore nearby. To add to the ambiance we have an ever changing view of Mount Saint Odile from the front of the RV. We find ourselves running short of adjectives to describe the places we visit but Obernai is a very pretty Town with many wood-clad buildings, a beautiful church, a large park with a modern waterfall, more patisseries than you can shake a stick at and all surrounded by impressive ramparts.

We have visited Strasbourg, the capital of the EU on the scooter and generally managed to find our way around. Yet another stunning historic city geared up for tourism with a spectacular cathedral, traditional buildings and the picturesque River L'Ill.

We can't manage a guard dog so we've invested in a goldfish called KC - takes more upkeeping than MR H but I love him :))

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