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Thursday, 12 July 2012

ARV Rally Luxembourg

After a very pleasant week in Germany the rally gang loaded everything up and we hit the road again for Luxembourg 

Once again beautiful surroundings at our location.  The site is just outside the town of Larochette on a mountain side surrounded by dense forest and wonderful fresh air that I wish we could bottle to take with us. Again we set about sorting life's essentials of water, electricity and the location of the bar and toilets!

Mr H's patience  has been freqently tested recently with a few snags in the new bus and an unusable scooter. He continued to suffer with an ear infection from hell that caused him great pain and partial deafness whilst leaking continuously.  Now some may be fooled by our inoccent appearance as ARV Club members but between us we carried enough prescription painkiller drugs to floor a miners donkey. Despite these poor Mr H continued to suffer. It was time for action on all fronts so we devised a cunning plan over a few beers. First we consulted the sacred oracle (also known as the lads from Signature) and I knew things were looking up when on their advice Mr H had cut a short length of hosepipe and was blowing in the water tank! Air block sorted! Fellow RV'rs guided Mr H in his attempt to level the bus but the sloping ground fought him all the way. We have come to accept that the internal doors won't shut and it's an uphill walk to the bathroom and bed this week!  Our immediate neighbours Chris and Chris were absolute stars as they helped us sort many niggles, thank you again and cheers me dears! We sought assistance at the site reception to locate a nearby garage that could repair the scooter and a medical center and Linda came up trumps!  Mr H returned to the bus with a map of how to get to a garage and a doctor.

We booked the scooter in at  and Mr H used the one start available to drive it there only to be told that the diagnostic computer refused to work. Plan B implemented without a flicker and he returned with a hire car having left the scooter at the garage. Mr H was on a mission now so after a light lunch he drove to see yet another doctor. Verdict? one motherf***er of an ear infection requiring brick-sized combination antibiotics. We were unsure if they were to be taken orally or anally due to the size of them but decided to read the leaflet much to Mr H's relief, phew!  

Feeling more organised we took a coach trip with the gang to visit Luxembourg City which was impressive with stunning views from the city walls across surrounding valleys.

We then called in to a local wine producer for a tour and a taste before travelling back alongside the river Moselle.

Walked down into the local town of Larochette. A lovely mixture of old and modern buildings with a stream running through it   

and whilst we had the car we managed to get out and about, visiting Ettelbruck on a sunny sunday where a large brass band played in the town square.

We took in Merch (good for shopping and stocking up), Remich (by the Moselle) and travelled back into Germany to visit Triere (reputedly the oldest city in Germany) with an awesome city centre, beautiful architecture and monuments.

The sun held out for a BBQ on Saturday and we enjoyed a farewell dinner on Monday night where Dougie & Anjie were duly thanked and presented with tokens of appreciation for organising a great rally.

We had to wait for a new part to be delivered for the scooter so we ended up staying on this site for a few more days whilst everyone else had packed up and gone. It felt a bit eerie initially as RV city had turned into a ghost town but we soon got used to the relative peace and quiet :)

Apparantly the scooter problem was a broken pin in the transponder and they fixed it under warranty.  Good job as the car cost a fortune!   So we're off again chasing the sun but not quite sure where next!!!

PS Serves us right for travelling on Friday 13th but we managed to get stuck in the mud on our way out. However, thanks to Marco and his fabulous tractor skills we were towed out backwards on to a back road and were able to continue after a short delay.

Thank you once again team Auf Kengert!!!

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  1. Hello Mrs. and Mr.H,
    nice to have you at our campsite for some time.
    You are now my official biggest vehicle that i have pulled out of the mud :)
    Greatings and hope to see you both again.
    Marco and Jolanda from the Kengert team.