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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bye Bye Benidorm

The wind and rain has been with us for a few days but the sun is now glorious. Officially the gun powder plot is not celebrated here so the locals just pick a fiesta, any fiesta will do and set off very elaborate, noisy, expensive and above all spectaclier fireworks.

Just to be sociable Mr H and I ventured to the bar for the Friday night live entertainment and beer at a euro a pint as you do! The singer was a very talented man, with a Liverpool twang, who entertained us for a good half hour before his set with, one-two one-two, ooonnneee tttwwwoo and "where's the bloody echo button Billy?" Eventually, he drove off somewhere to get his own echo gadget before singing some great songs interspersed by cheeky banter while downing a bottle of vodka, a great night by any standards.

We take the number 10 bus down to Benidorm or venture out on our bikes. Mr H maintains his cool in the manic traffic as we cycle along the N332 but I am close to tears as I dither and sweat just waiting at the lights to turn left! Benidorm is a great mixture of old and new, love the old town's movie style beach vistas, shady alleys and funky shops but have to say some of the newer parts are equally 'interesting'. 

Mr H and I bit the bullet and borrowed a car and members card to visit the ex-Pat's cash and carry. We were becoming anxious as we needed the vital supplies of Fairy wash liquid (non-bio), branston baked beans, marrowfat peas and Pukka Pies.

We cycled to Albir beach today, 24 degrees and a gentle breeze made for a lovely, chilled, sunbathing day. The sunbeds and brolly cost so much Mr H thought we had bought them and was devising a system of strapping them to his cross bar to get them back to the site. Following a jaunt across the road to a cafe bar for lunch we were nicely settled back on our sunbeds when a star of 'Benidorm' (no names but he was without his wig and roller boots) turned up on the next sunbed and proceeded to flick through his lines :)

The crowd around us here on site are brilliant, seasoned 'f**king abouters' with the same daft sense of humour, oh how we will miss them when we move out on Friday. Thanks to Noel & Sharon, Geoff & Pam, Fred & Linda, Peter & Jean, Richard & Judith for their help, afternoon tea and cakes and very good company :))

We're heading 80 miles South to a brand new site at for a while. They've really cracked on with this development which is opening a month ahead of schedule. Looks great but we'll see!!! Will report again soon.

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