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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bargains, Boules and Byes

We've had the use of a hire car this week, a new Clio (va va voom), so we have been out and about sight-seeing and researching larger supermarches. Obtained two new pillows, been looking for the right ones for ever... result! Discovered an english food section in another supermarket complete with Marmite, Heinz baked beans and sandwich spread..... result! and Mr H bought another fly-swat as a spare... double result!!

Passed through Les Tourettes the other day and I jumped out of my skin as Mr H shouted "ARSE" (Father Ted style), not very original but very funny :))

We were invited to join the Parc Verger gang in a game of boules on a breezy but sunny Sunday afternoon. Alcohol, nibbles and a flexible interpretation of the rules set the scene for a giggle or two. Mr H and his boules partner June managed to win the championship of Parc Verger and the world as we know it. So that's the All-blacks and our champs earning the right to be a little self-chuffed! 

Places recommended and discovered this week were Limoges, St Junien (good for shopping), Rochechouart, Brantome (an attractive town on the river Dronne known as the Venice of Perigord);

St Mathieu

and Lac St Mathieu (a large lake with artificial beach, swimming, fishing and scenic walks);

and Oradour-sur-Glane, known as the martyr village (google it), a humbling experience.

France in the autum is spectacular, a riot of colour and around every corner a suprise and potential adventure I feel.

Colder evenings and an occasional frosty morning has prompted the first muttering of "weather has turned back-endish" from Mr H so we're heading south for the winter, taking our lead from the intelligent birds. We would like to bid a fond farewell to all at Parc Verger; Bob and Di are terrific hosts and we can definitely recommend their homely site. Everyone here is very friendly, helpful and welcoming, particularly David and Rita who are terrific neighbours and we can definitely recommend pitching next to them :) The tap-tapping on stone in an afternoon along with the tinkling of red wine bottles and knitting needles is accompanied by jolly banter and good humour ;)

I can see that Mr H has his strategic planning face on, that twinkle in his eye is all about locker-sorting and preparation for the open road! Bye for now.

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