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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Labenne - Ocean

So we continued our journey back to Blighty by heading up north through Spain and the Pyrenees, this journey is not for anyone nervous of heights, tunnels, toll gates or lorries.

Mr H tackles every obstacle along the way with his can-do attitude and the back up of a few driving essentials. Our travel days supplies have sadly become very non-rock and roll!  Mr H essentials consist of his trusted Ray Bans, a random selection of sweets and chewing gum, Ipod and sat nav.  Mine consist of numerous road maps, Ipad, emergency bananas and a thumping great clear quartz crystal.

Certain duties have to be completed during our road trips, refuelling is just one. We approach refuelling with military planning and at times emergency manoeuvres.  Finding a garage that meets our exacting criteria is a mission in itself. We require unleaded petrol provided at a pump with enough height and width for our RV that also has access in and out without reversing! Many attempts fail but we have become resigned to the fact that we are not the type of vehicle they usually cater for. People stop, stare and at times gasp when we rock up next to their tiny cars and vans. Forecourt attendants have been known  to spring over the counter to stop us refuelling as they think we are putting petrol in a diesel HGV!

Our destination was Labenne-Ocean and a Leading campsite called which was 900 metres from an atlantic beach that was a favourite surfer spot. 

The weather was not as warm as further south but we managed to get out and about to explore the area. There was a canal path right outside the site and Labenne village just up the road.

This site has good access, facilities and some larger pitches  complete with a stone built BBQ and covered seating area. The hard standing on our pitch consisted of parallel lines of pavers and with only centimetres to play with Mr H parked the bus dead centre and level!!  We enjoyed our week there chilling and managed to survive listening to the mighty Tigers (Hull City) gain promotion to the Premier League in their final game before moving on again.

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