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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Made the journey from Narbonne to the outskirts of Barcelona in good time with no mishaps :) Stayed on a double pitch on a site in Mataro which is about as close as you can get. We could see the sea albeit over a main road, railway line and the camp's petting zoo! The mosquitoes had followed us into Spain and they had brought swarms of flies as backup!! Despite this we made use of the camp's shuttle service most days to travel in to Mataro whilst we waited for our visitors to arrive. We were able to cycle to the local beaches easily and the sea was warm enough to have a dip or two. Mr H adopted his favoured pose of horizontal more than once in the Mediterranean.

Our family flew in as planned and stayed in a bungalow on the site, so lovely to see my daughter and two sisters again and share the big B experience with them. Having visited Barcelona previously with Mr H we had a manic sight-seeing day for Janette, Kathryn, Mandy and Rosy (number three sister). For those who have not experienced Barcelona it is a massive city of many different districts. We found the best way to see it all in a short time is to hop on and off the tourist buses and just marvel at the sights. There is something of interest around every corner. Mr H approached the planning and implementation of the see-all-requested-sights-in-a-day expedition with his usual non-flappable cool-dudeness! We had the most enjoyable and exhausting day, we may well be the only tourist group of the day that literally ran through the famous La Rambla to catch the next designated tourist bus! Thank you honey, you allowed me to just enjoy being with the most important people in my life for four magic days X

The architecture is beautiful around both the old and new city areas.

The most famous unfinished cathedral ever! just stunning and rather big!

A request from Kathryn to visit Gaudi Park was granted and never disappoints. He was a gifted man who left us the most amazing and bizarre tiled creations, famous world wide and the park provided a magnificent view of Barcelona from the roof top plaza.

These are just a few of my favourite sights in Barcelona, I took hundreds of photos and will not bore anyone with them.

Once again Barcelona has provided me with memories to treasure, I will be back again for more. xxx

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