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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Welcome from the Ant Hill Mob....

Well it felt like wacky races driving through Seville on the way to Portugal, cars and lorries coming at us from all angles and Mr H practicing his best Spanish phrases through gritted teeth. I provided him with numerous forms of sweets and cranked up some carefully selected singalong tunes; Northern Soul and The Sensational Alex Harvey band for his entertainment! MR H's TRAVEL TIP No1 ASSUME NOTHING AND GIVE WAY TO EVERYTHING!!Apart from this bit the rest of the journey was a doddle with a scenic drive over a bridge into Portugal.

So this week we've been mainly parked on an ant's nest sharing our outside chairs with the local cats near Albufeira on the Algarve;

Initially, weather a bit dull and wi-fi variable but scorching now and wi-fi seems to have settled down. Nice quiet site, unmarked pitches so it's every camper for themselves!! We explored the town and coast by bike mostly but visited a local Indian restaurant by taxi for a curry and a Cobra, highly recommended. We were invited into a local bar (as is everyone that passes by!) and in the cool evening air we sat under canvas watching the footie on a big screen. Mr H caved in after 10 mins and allowed me to wrap him up in a complementary fleece while he had a beer and nuts. The very nice waiter said he was taking my fleece home because it smelled of my Chanel perfume, a very nice boy.  

OK I'll own up, we'd been here a week before we realised our clocks were still an hour in front :) The funny thing is it didn't make a jot of difference! Lisbon next.....