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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back in the groove

On our return we were looking forward to catching up with our fellow campers only to find our German neighbours next door had disappeared and this beast had moved in!

We'll miss our previous neighbours, their jolly banter and offers of free Schnapps every morning but we Googled the beast and found our new neighbour is a female European Praying Mantis no less. She doesn't move much, needs no walking or cleaning up after and costs nothing to feed. She poses happily for snaps and doesn't object to being prompted to change her position with the sweeping brush, I've called her Posh. Who needs a dog?

Mr H and I are soon back in the post-christmas, camper-type groove and have been cycling, dancing, swimming and shopping all accompanied by daily sunshine and gentle breezes so far. Mr H was well chuffed as he collected a hire car on our return and received a free upgrade to a new Ford Focus, very nice and very reasonable. We're starting to travel further afield in this and a visit to a highly recommended Fish and Chip shop at Quesada was quite a treat, certainly better than any we've had here so far and better than many back home. 

During our jaunts we recently visited the Church of San Roque at Callossa de Segura, situated at the foot of an impressive mountain range.  

Peace, fresh air and panoramic views did not disappoint following a short but steep climb to this pretty church

and apparantly the Church has been visited by other travellers on peregrinations ... spooky or what!!!

Since our return to camp we have been visited by members of the Almafra brotherhood on different occassions. On our return from a routine shopping trip I discovered my slippers had been pegged to the door of the RV! Many culprits came to mind but I decided to play it cool by not mentioning the event to see who cracked under pressure first with a full confession. They returned later and banged on our door in the manner of bailiffs on piece work then proceeded to torture us with loud and off key Christmas carols!
Oh how we miss them all. 

The second group had an enjoyable meal in the resturant then inspected the site with the professionalism of health and safety executives and attempted to negotiate a vastly reduced price to stay! Basically in true geezer style they made an offer nobody could understand! Hugs, air kisses, giggles and handshakes all round. Seasoned Brits abroad, brilliant!!

Mr H and big Nige have been out fishing twice at the Embassament de la Pedrera. 

On his return from their first trip Mr H dramatically recounted his 3 'storming runs' (a technical term I'm informed) although he caught bugger all. On the second trip he managed to land a large plastic bag which, he said, gave a bloody good fight before capture.

If you look on a map you'll see that this reservoir is enormous and you would think you could find a peg to yourself but oh no. Mr H and Nige found a nice little spot on a headland relatively free of snags (of which there are many) and got settled for a nice sit down and a bit of peace and quiet. One hour later three locals arrived and with the whole reservoir at their disposal proceeded to set up right next to them with what appeared to be heavy duty sea fishing gear and an old radio badly tuned to a Spanish station at volume 11. Language was initially a barrier but they all ended the day sharing their luncheon meat, cans of coke and a giggle.

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