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Monday, 12 September 2011

And they're off........

Managed to get away from Wolverhampton, was starting to turn in to a re-run of 'The Prisoner' :) Last few days were spent 'snagging' the new RV and transferring our belongings over, the guys at Signature were very tolerant of our endless questions and some late electrical pimping, a girl needs to have the kettle and toaster plugged in just the the right spot.  Loved the old RV and left her sparkling clean and fresh for her new owners but this one is something else!

Made our way to
for one night. Nice quiet site next to the river Avon with lots of trees and people, quite a novelty after two weeks of forecourt life. Travelled down to Cornwall the next day, sat nav went a bit wappy so ended up going in a circle on the M5 at Exeter services but on the positive side managed to find a Tesco garage to fill up with petrol.

After a long journey we arrived late at the approach road was a bit tight but we made it to the RV pitches at the rear. It's a good job we've got levelling jacks as our pitch is a bit steep! Beautiful surroundings, facilities are a bit 'tired' although we've got the site to ourselves and I guess it is the end of the season. We are surrounded by wildlife here, manic rabbits, a mummy and baby deer were grazing just in front of our RV yesterday, the first jays we've ever seen and Mr H believes he was attacked by an eagle while biking out of the site!

We're withstanding the wind and rain well (very snug) and when the sun does appear it is still very warm.  We have once again re-organised the lockers and internal storage, this is now a recognised ritual of ours when changing location. Planning the collection of our hire car has been problematic due to the limitations of public transport and when we asked for the car to be delivered to us the computer said "naaaaa!".  I'm sure it would be easier to buy a rocket launcher or illegal substances. However, we plan to collect it tomorrow with the help of a rather fabulous relative who has re-organised his working day to drive us there. We intend to visit the beaches and countryside of Cornwall come what may even if this means donning Winter gear.

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